About Us - Our Vision

When Brianna Bebb of Water + Benefits discovered she was pregnant with her first child, she was very much in love with coffee. Like many, she was raised in a household where a two liter of some flavor of soda and tub of nacho cheese were fridge staples. Eventually, however, Brianna began to learn more about dieting and the way it directly affects our bodies in its most natural functions. This coupled with the realization that the breast milk she gave her first baby was practically a concentrated version of all the chemicals she was putting into her body provoked Brianna to start incorporating ingredients into her diet that have far better benefits. Backed by the knowledge she obtained via her degree in biology from Lewis- Clark State University, she began waking up in the mornings and drinking the elixir which later on became the inspiration for her business— Water + Benefits. Water + Benefits’s three waters have a list of benefits that far outweigh their humble ingredients. All it took was one question posed by her husband who has a strong mind for business to inspire her sights on the path to manifesting the vision that is now Water + Benefits.

An LA transplant and educated boss lady who successfully fills the roles of mother, wife, business owner among many others, Brianna knows what it is like to have to combine eating healthy and being on-the-go. She considers the three flavors: Hydrate, Energy and Detox to be a great trio and healthy staples in her already organic and Non-GMO regimen. She starts her morning with a bottle of Detox in order to start her day on a clean slate inside and out. Later on you can find her attacking her day with a bottle of the Energy with its 160 mg of caffeine, there is no need for coffee or pre-workout! Each bottle of this water, packed with tasty benefits,  has 16 fl oz in it. By the time you top off your day with the Hydrate, you are getting close to 70% of the recommended amount of water needed for optimal digestive health PLUS you get to reap the benefits of the tasty ingredients included in each drink such as cinnamon, honey along with the only FDA approved mushroom called reishi. 

Brianna is a pioneer in the health beverage industry who makes sure Water + Benefits is beneficial in all aspects. Her vision is that everyone from the employee to the consumer be impacted in a good way. This nurturing care is also translated into her choice to have Water + Benefits a frequent donor to organizations like The Honeybee Conservancy that contribute to finding solutions to the shortage in the bee population. A problem that has become increasingly prevalent as we learn just how important bees are to the state and functions of our natural environment. That’s right, these beverages do to our planet exactly what they do to our bodies and we promise… it's ALL good!