About Us - Taking The Lead

Did you know that mothers who are breastfeeding pass on the foods (plus the chemicals that may be in them) to their babies in a more concentrated form due to a process called biomagnification? According to ScienceDirect.com, biomagnification refers to the tendency of pollutants to concentrate as they move from one trophic to the next. Simply put, toxins become more concentrated as they pass through the food chain, which means by the time the toxins express themselves in a mother’s breast milk, they have become more potent and a lot more harmful to the baby. 

When Brianna Bebb, the CEO of Water + Benefits, found this information out, she did not hesitate to make the necessary and urgent changes to her diet that would ensure her baby is being provided with a healthily balanced diet, toxins excluded! If this water is good enough for a breastfeeding mother’s body and her baby, imagine just how good it is for the average adult? 

After a year and a half of developmental research and determination, Water + Benefits has taken the lead in stores throughout Los Angeles, California among all other beverages. In just a short amount of time these drinks have expanded into big name grocery stores such as Sprouts, Erewhon, Healthway foods and quite a few others.

The Water + Benefits motto is simple…

 “...to create a world where nutritious, clean, organic and healthy food, beverages, and knowledge are available and a standard to the world; where all people and species involved in creating the product are treated fairly and with the prosperity of the planet in mind.”

From the farm to your lips, the entire process is endured with the same care a mother would offer to her child and that is what sets this company apart from many others. Not to mention their Energy drink alone is one of the first and only all-organic healthy alternatives to drinks that have been on the market for years. Los Angeles, California has a reputation for its culture rich in vegan-living and health conscious lifestyles which is what makes this the perfect location for this to earn its place as the best honey water brand on the market today.