About Us - Water We Love


Water + Benefits has successfully established itself as a brand strong in consistency and integrity. The foundational ingredient in these drinks is filtered water which ensures the reliability and consistency in the mineral and trace elemental balances you can taste in every sip. Using filtered water is also beneficial for the consumer as it is a way to maintain an affordable price for its thriving hive. This brand stands by the belief that everyone should be able to pursue a healthy lifestyle through the guise of a well-balanced nutrient and mineral backed diet. 

This functional honey water when tested before ingestion is considered acidic however due to its ingenious balance of all-organic non GMO ingredients, it takes on an alkalized presence in the body naturally. Each ingredient is well-thought out and due to their individual properties work with your body’s natural chemistry to keep you functioning at optimum performance from the start to the completion of your day. 

From the queen “B” of the company down to the community of worker bees it takes to support the entire developmental process, much care and attention to detail is evident. Water + Benefits shows its care through thoughtful contributions to organizations in efforts to solve the radical increase in bee extinction. This water sports it’s benefits by creating effective solutions for the environment through investment and practice.