All About Honey Water

“I used to think coffee was a grown-up drink. Then l thought alcohol was a grown-up drink. Now I have finally achieved full enlightenment to understand that it is water that is the grown-up drink“

     If you haven’t seen this meme floating around social media, it’s time we open your eyes with Water with Benefits! Water with Benefits decided to take it a step further and create a magical elixir also known as naturally sweetened Honey Water. Elementary yet effective, all-natural USDA Organic gold honey is the pathway from enlightenment on earth unto the heavens breaking bread amongst the gods and goddesses. 

      Simply put, you’ve got to try out Water+Benefits!  With three simple USDA Organic certified ingredients (organic raw honey, filtered water, and organic lemon juice), this tasty bottle of naturally sweetened honey water works hard to keep you nourished in more ways than one.

     Organic Raw Honey is considered a superfood and even referred to in ancient texts as nectar and the food of the gods. Honey has been used as a popular medicine, a component of curative ointments and healing plasters that aid in lung problems, as well as other various health-giving, uses. Before the mass production of sugar, honey was the only sweetener that was widely available throughout the world. Honey is known to boost immunity, heal wounds, ulcers, and sores, as well as help mitigate cold and flu symptoms by soothing sore throats and lessening coughs. Honey has also been known to contain healthy sugars that regulate blood sugar levels and promote weight loss. Most importantly, when metabolized, honey created the alkaline⁺ ash to keep your body running in superior condition.

       Organic lemon juice is another important ingredient found in the Water+Benefits hydrating honey water. Lemons are a great source of Vitamin C, aids in digestion, improves skin quality, promotes hydration, and also aids in the production of alkaline⁺ ash. An article on healthline says the best way to get the most health benefits from lemons is by adding it to filtered water. 

      Water+Benefits takes pride in the integrity behind the USDA Organic ingredients used in all their honey-infused beverages. Within one sip,  you are sure to experience enlivening tranquility and bliss. Check it out in-store near you!