Our Vision

Water+Benefits strives to create a world where nutritious, clean, organic and healthy food, beverages, and knowledge are available and a standard to the world; where all people and species involved in creating the product are treated fairly and with our planet’s prosperity in mind.
Water+Benefits was founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2018.

Taking The Lead

From our very first day, we’ve been committed to make decisions our customers could be proud of.
We only use responsibly sourced ingredients
from certified USDA Organic farms, which are also certified Non-GMO.

Water We Love Made By People We Know

We’re proud of our water and of the people who make them.
Our water contains 100% USDA Organic ingredients. We carefully selected and combined these with filtered water to offer superb performance at an affordable price.
All of our ingredients are sourced here in The U.S. by people we know and trust.